Mallorca is
a beautiful place,
come experience it
with us.

Philosophically, our hotel lies at the crossroads of elegance and comfort.
Our building blends old and new, aesthetically pairing a new modern structure with the remnants of a 16th century palace.
Here, rustic Mallorcan style and contemporary design combine to form a space built for comfort.

Superbly located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca's old town, the view from our rooftop terrace offers a portrait of the
island few will ever forget.

Landing at Tres

It happened here...

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Hotel Tres

The unforgettable days

Very convenient location, friendly staff, always present and available, breakfast rich in fresh fruit and a wide variety of tasty delicacies to start the day, room with a nice Latvian, bright, large terrace and view to the patio where in the center there is a huge Palm, around which, you can comfortably take an aperitif […]

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100% Scandinavian sandwiches

We thought that it wouldn’t be possible to get anything at the hotel, but to our great surprise when we asked they told us that with the new reform the restaurant menu had also undergone changes. Dimas, the head of reception, told us that the Tres Bistro now prepared sandwiches with products brought directly from […]

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To be married in Hotel Tres

We all had an amazing time. My husband booked a surprise visit for my 40th last December and Hotel Tres was just as breathtaking as it was in 2007, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Svenn for helping us create such wonderful memories, we can’t wait to come and visit again. See you […]

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Story - En casa de vacaciones

At home for holidays

We love its location. It allows us to go shopping and visit museums and galleries within a short stroll. Then we usually return to the hotel, and have a drink in the main courtyard under the palm tree after leaving our things in the room. We always like to sit at the same table next […]

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Story - A small hidden treasure

A small hidden treasure

On my last trip I decided to come in winter. And it’s really special to stroll through the streets and see Palma in the same way as the Mallorcans do. The hotel Tres is like a little hidden treasure in the centre of Palma. Very close to the promenade and the fish market. Both must-see […]

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A great cocktail in a little splash pool

A great cocktail in a little splash pool

Sincerely, the pool at the Tres is small, so if you’re looking to train for the Olympics, this is not the place. But if what you want is to quietly relax upon returning to the hotel in the afternoon, or freshen up in the morning as soon as you wake up, you’ll get a pleasant […]

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Story - Where is my key room?

Where is my key room?

It is not a traditional metal key, but one of those cards used to open the room, turn on the lights, and use in the hotel lifts. It might have been in the street when I went to have a coffee, as I was renting the car, or having a swim down at the beach, […]

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Story - Una fiesta para no olvidar

An unforgettable celebration

The party began like all parties: somewhat cold. Waiters wandering around with trays of canapés. People greeting each other, small groups of friends chatting, and the odd single person looking for someone to talk to. The setting with Palma’s cathedral and the sea in the distance promised. A couple of drinks and suddenly the first […]

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Story - A glass of wine before leaving

A glass of wine before leaving

And I like it. It’s like returning to the house of some friends who you know will take care of you. The hotel is located in an old, small palace with a beautiful Mallorcan courtyard, which is worth visiting even if you are not staying there. The whole area is surrounded by bars, restaurants and […]

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