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100% Scandinavian sandwiches

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We arrived at the hotel late and were hungry. Very. The flight had been delayed quite a bit and we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

100% Scandinavian sandwiches

We thought that it wouldn’t be possible to get anything at the hotel, but to our great surprise when we asked they told us that with the new reform the restaurant menu had also undergone changes.

Dimas, the head of reception, told us that the Tres Bistro now prepared sandwiches with products brought directly from Scandinavia, as well as delicious fresh salads.

We decided upon a shrimp “Smörrebröd”, and they joked with us that maybe the shrimps had arrived from the North Sea in the same plane as us.

Incredible. No sooner had we arrived and we felt at home, away from home.

Astrid, Sweeden, March 2016

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