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A glass of wine before leaving


When I walk through the area of La Lonja in Palma towards the Hotel Tres, I always feel that I am coming to a special place. It's a feeling that repeats every time I stay here.

A glass of wine before leaving

And I like it. It’s like returning to the house of some friends who you know will take care of you.
The hotel is located in an old, small palace with a beautiful Mallorcan courtyard, which is worth visiting even if you are not staying there. The whole area is surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops, where you can try all kinds of tapas, go out for lunch or dinner, do some shopping, or just sit on a terrace for some coffee and people-watching.

I usually come to Mallorca for business and I always like to stay in the same room with a terrace.
The hotel also has a very quiet and well-equipped meeting room, which I have used several times with different clients. On the rooftop there is a small pool with amazing views of Palma, where I relax before or after meetings.

Perhaps something that I found special was the time when, after checkout, and while waiting for the taxi that would take me to the airport, the hotel manager came over to the table where I was sitting and asked if I would like something to drink.
I had the opportunity to taste a great wine from a local winery that pleasantly surprised me. I could not finish the glass. The taxi arrived quickly. Now I have two reasons to return: enjoy the good feelings that the Hotel Tres conveys, and visit the winery where they make this fantastic wine. The name? It’s a secret. Ask Svenn when you pass by the Tres. He’s the manager.

Sarah, UK – 28 august 2007

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