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A small hidden treasure

Double with Terrace

Fortunately, I realised long ago that there is more to Mallorca than sun and beach. There is a lot more to discover.

A small hidden treasure

On my last trip I decided to come in winter. And it’s really special to stroll through the streets and see Palma in the same way as the Mallorcans do. The hotel Tres is like a little hidden treasure in the centre of Palma. Very close to the promenade and the fish market. Both must-see places.

Outside the high season, the already warm team is even more attentive and the atmosphere even calmer. In the hotel there are different nooks that are worth discovering. Definitively, Palma, the island and the Hotel Tres are places that awaken a curiosity and interest in me that one single visit has not been able to satisfy. They are places that still hide many treasures yet to discover.

David, Germany – 06 january 2013

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