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An unforgettable celebration


There are memorable parties and concerts, but perhaps the best of all are those when you don’t expect much, and for some special circumstance become, as the night progresses, unforgettable.

An unforgettable celebration

The party began like all parties: somewhat cold. Waiters wandering around with trays of canapés. People greeting each other, small groups of friends chatting, and the odd single person looking for someone to talk to.

The setting with Palma’s cathedral and the sea in the distance promised. A couple of drinks and suddenly the first notes of guitar music that changed everything . The sun was slowly setting behind the mountains, and every minute that passed we all understood that that night would be special. The terrace of the Hotel Tres is always spectacular, but sometimes they have small concerts, celebrations or parties, making it probably one of the most special places to contemplate the Mediterranean of Palma de Mallorca.

Marcelo, Italy _14 october 2014

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