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Where is my key room?

Double Twin

No sooner had I arrived at the hotel Tres and checked in, Dimas, the person who is usually on reception and always greets you with a smile, gave me the room key.

Where is my key room?

It is not a traditional metal key, but one of those cards used to open the room, turn on the lights, and use in the hotel lifts.

It might have been in the street when I went to have a coffee, as I was renting the car, or having a swim down at the beach, but the fact is that before the first night I had already lost the key. I returned to reception and Dimas was there. As expected, he raised no objection to activate another key. The funny thing is that one thing led to another, and we ended up laughing and talking about football. Me Chelsea and he Atletico de Madrid. It was worth having a little conversation with someone so natural that he seemed like a friend. When I left the reception and got to the lift, I realized again that I had forgotten the key. This time at the reception. Before I knew it, Dimas was coming towards me with it in his hand and of course, his best smile again.

Mike, United Kingdom – june 2015

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